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  • Room Hatshepsut: Archaeology11:00h – 11:30h: Roger Bagnall/Paola Davoli, Papyrology, stratigraphy, and excavation method11:30h – 12:00h: Ruey-Lin Chang/Jakub Ordutowski, Report of the first survey season at Philadelphia (IFAO, 2015)12:00h – 12:30h: Paola Boffula Alimeni, Memorie del sottosuolo di Tebtynis a … Roma e a Venezia!12:30h – 13:00h: AnneMarie Luijendijk, On discarding papyri in Roman and Late Antique Egypt: Theoretical, archaeological, and ancient perspectives13:00h – 13:30h: Cornelia Römer, The Gods of KaranisRoom Arsinoe: Documentary Papyri. Ptolemaic Egypt11:00h – 11:30h: Stéphanie Wackenier, Four new documents from the archive of Haryotes (IIIrd BC)11:30h – 12:00h: Laura Willer, Documents from the Temple – Two re-used papyri12:00h – 12:30h: David Martinez, P. Texas inv. no. 1: A petition concerning a dispute over land boundaries12:30h – 13:00h: Carla Balconi, Due “ordini di comparizione” di età tolemaica nella collezione dell’Università Cattolica di Milano13:00h – 13:30h: Caroline Cheung, A rare and early double document of a vineyard lease (P.Tebt.0137)Room Berenice: Literary Papyri11:00h – 11:30h: Gertjan Verhasselt, The lives of Sappho and Simonides in a biographical compendium (P.Oxy. 1800)11:30h – 12:00h: Marco Perale, A new Simonides papyrus?12:00h – 12:30h: Jeffrey Fish, On the reconstruction of new Sappho fragments: fiber matchings in P.GC. inv. 10512:30h – 13:00h: Enrico Emanuele Prodi, The offsets in P.Oxy. XV 179013:00h – 13:30h: Giovanna Menci, Organizzazione dello spazio negli scholia minora a Omero: a proposito di una ‘mise en page’ immaginaria e di fantomatici titoletti in P.Dura 3Room Cleopatra: Paraliterary Papyri. Medicine11:00h – 11:30h: Douaa Aly Elalfy, Practice of surgery in Greco-Roman Egypt11:30h – 12:00h: Anna Monte, Sharpen the sight without glasses: the κολλύρια ὀξυδορκικά in the papyrological and medical sources12:00h – 12:30h: Yousry Deyab, The impact of religion on healing practices in Egypt during the Roman rule12:30h – 13:00h: Kevin Funderburk, Monastic medicine: UPENN E16238, account of wine and unguents13:00h – 13:30h: Isabella Bonati, Medicalia Online: an electronic dictionary of technical terms in medical papyriRoom Theodora: Juristic Papyrology11:00h – 11:30h: Eva Jakab, Conflict of laws? Legal Pluralism in the Roman Empire11:30h – 12:00h: José Luis Alonso, The Constitutio Antoniniana and the private legal practice in the Eastern Empire, 125 years after Mitteis’ “Reichsrecht”12:00h – 12:30h: Serena Ammirati, A new look at ancient and late-antique Latin juristic texts and their transmission: the ERC project REDHIS12:30h – 13:00h: Timothy M. Teeter, An unpublished Latin legal text13:00h – 13:30h: Maria Nowak/Agnieszka Kacprzak: Legal and social status of extramarital children in the Roman Empire before Constantine the Great13:30h – 15:00h Lunch 15:00h – 17:00h PARALLEL SESSIONS  Room Hatshepsut: Archaeology15:00h – 15:30h: Mario Capasso, L’enigma della provenienza dei codici Freer e degli altri 12 testi cristiani di Vienna alla luce dei nuovi scavi a Soknopaiou Nesos/Dime15:30h – 16:00h: Todd Hickey, Petrie at Oxyrhynchus: the papyri16:00h – 16:30h: Laure Brossin-Pillot, « EXP » Étude archéologique d’une tabula cerata du Musée départemental Arles Antique (France)16:30h – 17:00h: Jitse H.F. Dijkstra, Visitors to the Temple of Khnum at Elephantine: Who were they?Room Arsinoe: Documentary Papyrology: Ptolemaic Egypt15:00h – 15:30h: Deborah Vignot-Kott, Demotic accounts and land-registers from the Sorbonne collection (Sorb. inv 228 a-c)15:30h – 16:00h: Eleni Skarsouli, Ein ptolemäisches Archiv aus Oxyrhyncha16:00h – 16:30h: Magdy Aly, Deed of service assignment16:30h – 17:00h: Valérie Wyns, Happiness and state in Ptolemaic EgyptRoom Berenice: Literary Papyri15:00h – 15:30h: Massimo Magnani, The ancient manuscript tradition of the Euripidean hypotheses15:30h – 16:00h: Maroula Salemenou, Papyri and the documents in Demosthenes’ De Corona16:00h – 16:30h: Valeria Tezzon, “A mystic cook”. Some considerations about P.Duke 1984.716:30h – 17:00h: Davide Amendola, Verso una nuova edizione di P.Berol. inv. 13045 (BKT VII 13-31)Room Cleopatra: Paraliterary Papryi. Astronomy and Astrology15:00h – 15:30h: Marina Escolano-Poveda, Tracking the wandering ones: a Demotic planetary table from Montserrat (P. Monts.Roca inv. 314)15:30h – 16:00h: Irene Pajón Leyra, Astronomical geography on papyrus16:00h – 16:30h: Andreas Winkler, Some astronomers and their astrology in Graeco-Roman Egypt16:30h – 17:00h: Johannes Thomann, From katarchai to ikhtiyārāt: Documentary evidence of electional astrology in Greek and ArabicRoom Theodora: Juristic Papyrology15:00h – 15:30h: Manex Ralla Arregi, Legal representation of the monasteries: a regulatory and papyrological approach15:30h – 16:00h: Małgorzata Sołek, Origo castris and the local recruitment policy of the Roman army16:00h – 16:30h: Micaela Langellotti, Slavery, social attitudes, and the impact of Roman rule16:30h – 17:00h: Peter van Minnen, Epikrisis Documents from the Theognostos Archive17:00h – 17:30h Coffee Break17:30h – 19:00h PARALLEL SESSIONS  Room Hatshepsut: PANEL: Inside out: An introspective look at papyrology through its international congresses17:30h – 18:00h: Rachel Mairs, Who? Gender and ethnicity at the ICP18:00h – 18:30h: Katherine Blouin, What? Topics and linguistic trends at the ICP18:30h – 19:00h: Usama Gad, Where? Mapping the ICPRoom Arsinoe: Documentary Papyri. Ptolemaic Egypt17:30h – 18:00h: Thomas Backhuys, Zum ptolemäischen Monopolwesen: Die ὀθόνιον-Produktion im frühen 3. Jahrhundert v.Chr.18:00h – 18:30h: Christopher Cornthwaite, Shippers, buyers, or guarantors: The egdocheis revisited18:30h – 19:00h: François Gerardin, The foundation of cities in Egypt in the 2nd century B.C.Room Berenice: Literary Papyri17:30h – 18:00h: Giuseppe Ucciardello, P.Lille 71+126: hexameters on Herakles?18:00h – 18:30h: Benjamin Henry, New hexameters from Oxyrhynchus18:30h – 19:00h: Livia Capponi, Chaeremon of Alexandria and the Apotheosis of Poppaea (P.Oxy. 77.5105)Room Cleopatra: Paraliterary Papyri. Mathematics17:30h – 18:00h: Giuseppina Azzarello, Arithmetic tables from Graeco-Roman Egypt18:00h – 18:30h: Federico Morelli, “Più che ’l doppiar de li scacchi s’immilla” (Dante, Paradiso XXVIII 93). Un singolare papiro matematico della collezione vienenseRoom Theodora: Juristic Papyrology17:30h – 18:00h: Elizabeth Buchanan, Rural collective action in Late Antique Egypt (400-630 CE)18:00h – 18:30h: Jens Mangerud, Who was the wife of Pompeius Niger?
  • Bloomsbury July 2016  cf. Mazza's Congress paper

  • The Unbelievable Tale Of Jesus Wife
    "The Lying Pen of Scribes" (Jer. 8.8)TID OG STED13 april - 15 aprilkl 12:00 - 13:00KONFERANSE / SEMINARRoom A7-001 (Wednesday) / Room E2-009 (Thursday & Friday), Campus KristiansandLegg til kalenderManuscript Forgeries and Counterfeiting Scripture in the Twenty-First Century Wednesday (Room A7-001)12.00–12.15 Coffee and tea12.15–12.30 Årstein Justnes (University of Agder), Introduction and WelcomeSession IChair: Torleif Elgvin, NLA University College12.30–13.30 Malcolm Choat (Macquarie University), "Forging Antiquity: An overview of the Project"13.30–14.30 Lunch14.30–15.30 Alison Schofield (University of Denver), “The Shapira Affair: Were Lost Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered in 1883?”15.30–16.30 Liv Ingeborg Lied (MF Norwegian School of Theology), “Studying Fakes Without Faking It: Some Fresh Theoretical Perspectives”16.30– Coffee and tea19.00– DinnerThursday (Room E2-009)Session IIChair: Liv Ingeborg Lied, MF Norwegian School of Theology09.15–9.45 Kipp Davis (Trinity Western University), “The Lying Pen of Scribes: A New Research Project”9.45–10.30 Torleif Elgvin (NLA University College), “‘Nobody Knows the Troubles I’ve Seen’: About Access to Dead Sea Scroll Fragments in Private and Public Collections”10.30–11.00 Coffee break11.00–11.45 Årstein Justnes and Line Reichelt Føreland (University of Agder), “How to Construct Provenance: Three Example”Session IIIChair: Kipp Davis, Trinity Western University12.00–13.00 Malcolm Choat (Macquarie University), “From Constantine Simonides to the Gospel of Jesus' Wife: the Authentication of Papyri and Development of Palaeography”13.00–14.00 Lunch14.00–14.45 Tommy Wasserman (Örebro School of Theology and Ansgar School of Theology), “Simonides Forgeries of New Testament Manuscripts in the Mayer Collection”14.45–15.30 Tor Vegge (University of Agder), ”Fictional Author and Authenticity in New Testament Letters”15.30–16.15 Beat Art on Campus, a Tour (Frida Forsgren, University of Agder)16.15– Coffee and tea19.00– DinnerFriday (Room E2-009)Session IVChair: Morten Klepp Beckmann, University of Agder9.15–10.00 Amanda Davis Bledsoe (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), “The Gabriel Vision: ‘A Dead Sea Scroll on Stone’ or a Modern Forgery?”10.00–11.00 Kipp Davis (Trinity Western University), “Working with Judaean Desert Manuscript Fragments on a Digital Platform”11.00–11.30 Coffee break11.30–12.00 Kipp Davis and Årstein Justnes, Summary12.15– LunchOther participants:·       Sony George, NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology·       Hugo Lundhaug, University of Oslo·       Hallvard Hagelia, ansgar School of Theology