University of Michigan, 2009
Traianos Gagos and Arthur Verhoogt, organizers

The 2009 Summer Seminar was held at the University of Michigan.

The 2009 Summer Seminar, directed by Traianos Gagos, was held at the University of Michigan from 1-31 July, 2009. It was focused on Byzantine documents from the University of Michigan and Cornell collections, and included —in alternating afternoon sessions— an opportunity to learn the basics of the Coptic language and papyrus conservation. The instructors consisted of James G. Keenan (Loyola University, Chicago), Traianos Gagos, Leyla Lau-Lamb, Arthur Verhoogt and Terry Wilfong (all Michigan). Additional lectures were given by Professors Stephen Bay (Brigham Young University), Jitse Dijkstra (University of Ottawa), Bruce Frier (Michigan), Ludwig Koenen (Michigan), Nikos Litinas (Crete), Karl Longstreth (Michigan), Roger McFarlane (Brigham Young University), David Potter (Michigan), and Giovanni Ruffini (Fairfield University),

The participants in the seminar were: Richard Burchfield (Macquarie), S. Kevin Funderbunk (University of Pennsylvania), Nicole M. High-Steskal (Vienna/Michigan), Thomas P. Landvatter (Michigan), Isabelle Marthot (Paris Sorbonne), Ryan McConnell (Illinois, Urbana), Monika Minehart (Chicago), Jaclyn Neel (Toronto), Luigi Prada (Oxford), and Panagiota Vlachaki (Crete).

The participation of Professor James G. Keenan was made possible by the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation.