Brigham Young University, 2010
Roger MacFarlane, Stephen Bay, Lincoln Blumell, and Thom Wayment, organizers

The 2010 Summer Seminar was held at Brigham Young University from 20 June until 29 July. It was focused on Roman Egypt, with work on Tebtunis papyri in Greek. The faculty consisted of a broad team of experienced papyrologists: Peter Van Minnen (Cincinnati), Todd Hickey (California-Berkeley), Roger Bagnall (NYU-ISAW), Joshua Sosin (Duke), Nikos Litinas (University of Crete), Maryline Parca (Illinois), Klaas Worp (emeritus, Leiden), Rodney Ast (Heidelberg), Arthur Verhoogt (Michigan), teamed with the seminar’s organizers, Roger Macfarlane, Stephen Bay, Lincoln Blumell, and Thom Wayment (Brigham Young). Additional lectures were given by BYU professors John Gee, John Thompson, Brian Hauglid, Daniel Graham, Giovanni Tata, and Cecilia Peek.

Papyri were loaned by the Center for the Tebtunis Papyri under the direction of Todd Hickey and managed by specialists in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections in BYU’s Harold B. Lee Library. Librarians Ryan Coombs and Robert Maxwell, of the HBLL, provided particularly welcome support. Extraordinary contributions were made by the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship (at BYU) and by BYU’s College of Humanities. Generous allocation of HBLL resources allowed for substantial permanent enhancement of holdings in papyrological reference works and editions.

The participants in the seminar included Grant W. Adamson (Rice), Kris McLain (Utah Valley University), Charles F. Bartlett (NYU), Emily Cole (UCLA), Taylor S. Coughlan (Cincinnati), Mohamed G. Elmaghrabi (Alexandria), Nathan B. Gilbert (Toronto), Ulrike Hoier (Leipzig), Gabriel Nocchi Macedo (Liege), and Markus Resel (Vienna).

The core program of the Seminar consisted of morning lecture/seminar meetings on topics ranging over the breadth and depth of papyrological research. The Provo Seminar implemented a novel approach by bringing a broader number than before of prominent papyrologists and asking each to deliver a smaller number of individual lectures and workshops. Instruction in SOSOL mark-up was offered in a two-day workshop by Prof. Sosin. Prof. Bagnall delivered a special evening lecture to which the entire university community was invited. Daily reading sessions in the HBLL reading rooms allowed time for each participant to edit at least one papyrus. Professors mentored participants regarding their papyrological readings and background. Each participant also was assigned at least one ostrakon to edit. Intermediate and final presentations were delivered in a series of seminar meetings during the seminar. Prof. Verhoogt acted as outside reviewer in the seminar’s final round of presentations. Published editions of the participants’ texts have begun to appear in ZPE, Tyche, and BASP.