GENERAL INTRODUCTION: The Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists has been the official journal of the American Society of Papyrologists since the publication of Volume 1, issue 1 in 1963 and is the only North American journal devoted to papyrology and related disciplines. The editorial board of The Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists consists of Peter van Minnen (Managing Editor), Timothy Renner, and Jitse Dijkstra.

The editors here gratefully acknowledge the Dorot Foundation for its generous support of the publication of BASP.

ARTICLES: BASP publishes a wide variety of articles of relevance to papyrology and related disciplines. From text editions to important synthetic articles, BASP has published studies on papyri, ostraca and inscriptions in Greek, Latin and Coptic; in the future, we hope to broaden our coverage to include Hieratic, Demotic, Aramaic, and Arabic texts of relevance to our readers.

A cumulative index of articles from past volumes of BASP through 1998 is available on-line.

BOOK REVIEWS: Of the book reviews in BASP over the past five years, over two-thirds have appeared within a year of the publication date of the book reviewed and over 95 per cent within two years of the publication date. A list of books received for review by BASP will be posted here and published in BASP itself. We strongly encourage you to recommend that your publications be sent to BASP for review; we would also like to hear from individuals interested in reviewing books for BASP.

SUBMISSIONS: The editors of BASP invite submissions not only from North American and foreign members of the Society but also from non-members throughout the world. We welcome preliminary inquiries on article topics, but please note that we cannot make a decision on the acceptance of an article without a manuscript in hand. Editorial guidelines are available electronically. Please include a brief abstract of your article with each submission. Submissions may be in English, French, German, or Italian.

CURRENT EDITORS: Peter van Minnen, University of Cincinnati; Timothy Renner, Montclair State University; Jitse Dijkstra, University of Ottawa

CURENT EDITORIAL BOARD: Antti Arjava, University of Helsinki; Paola Davoli,Università del Salento; Gladys Frantz-Murphy, Regis University; Andrea Jördens, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg; David Martinez, University of Chicago; Kathleen McNamee, Wayne State University; John Tait, University College London; David Thomas, Durham University; Dorothy Thompson, University of Cambridge; Terry Wilfong, University of Michigan

SUBSCRIPTIONS: To subscribe to BASP, click here.

BACK LIST: The Society maintains an extensive back list to BASP, which can be ordered directly from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

ELECTRONIC ARCHIVES: The University of Michigan Library maintains an electronic archive of BASP from Vol. 1 (1963/4) to Vol. 51 (2014). BASP may also be found in JSTOR Arts and Sciences XIV.


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